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The Power of Social Media

Why did I decide to have a career in social media?

What I love most about working in social media is seeing the positive impact it can have on businesses and nonprofits.

I have always wanted to work in a field where I can help people and this is why I devoted my PhD research to help charities better understand how they could build strong relationships with their donors, volunteers and supporters. Now I'm able to use this knowledge and apply it to the businesses I currently work with.

Success on social media is really dependent on the strength and the relationships that are formed with customers, donors, volunteers etc. and the key ingredients of a strong and positive relationship are building trust and effective communication. I love using social media to facilitate both trust and effective communication for my clients.

Dr Karen Sutherland of Dharana Digital  - Social Media Content Video Workshop

What I love about my career in social media

I am so grateful that working in social media has allowed me to collaborate with so many different types of businesses and nonprofit organizations from a whole heap of industries from all over the world.

One day I might be delivering a social media workshop for tourism Noosa, the next day I might be running Facebook ads for a yoga ashram in Victoria. I have helped develop social media strategies for backpackers in Airlie Beach and helped sell plumbing tools across the U.S. and Australia. I have helped nonprofit organizations in Prague, Thailand and New York, and businesses in Bangladesh. You can see examples of some of these projects and more on our page Our Work.

With each of these experiences, it adds even more to my knowledge and skills that I can then apply to my existing clients and my new ones. So this is why I guess I love social media so much. It can be a fantastic learning experience wherever you are in the world and it’s necessary for whatever business or nonprofit that you have.

You can learn more about my journey and extensive experience in social media