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fTWhy social media?

Now more than ever, people of all ages, locations, and occupations use some form of social media. In fact, according to Statista, almost 50% of the world's population uses some sort of social media. A user spends an average of 144 minutes on social media each day. Facebook is the market leader, and has roughly 2.8  billion registered users on the platform as of 2020.

So, we know that if we're looking to reach people, social media is a great place to do that.

How does social media marketing work?

Having a presence on social media is important. It's a place for your business to share its branding, messaging, reputation and engage with customers before, during, and after becoming customers. It is crucial to continuously do all of these things if your business is going to be successful.


How can Dharana Digital help?

At Dharana Digital, we first do the research needed to determine where your target audience spends time on social media, which kinds of posts and messages they're interacting with, and how you can fit in and truly resonate. 37% of customers report that social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for their purchases, according to PWC. That means with the right strategy backed by research, we can help you with every aspect of how your business does social media marketing right.



Get clear idea of your business's social media presence and opportunities.


We will do a complete audit of your social media and competitors, checking the following:

  • Visual Social Presence

  • Textual Social Presence

  • Social Performance

  • Social Media Users in Market

  • Demographic Data

  • Competitor Social Media Profiles

  • Competitor Textual & Visual Presence

  • Audience Research

  • Key Recommendations


Social Media Audit






$1500 per month

$2000 per month

The social media portion of the strategy includes:

  • Full social media branding and messaging strategy

  • Full social media content plan based on your goals

  • Full social media advertisement outline based on your goals

  • Social media fixes and updates based on audit findings

  • PLUS the SEO portion of the strategy

The Complete Package includes:

  • An audit of your company and industry

  • Full strategy developed for your company

  • Everything from the Standard Package PLUS...

  • Content creation (writing, etc.)

  • Media creation (info-graphics, video, other graphic design)

  • Content publishing on social media platform

  • Performance tracking and reporting of posted content

  • PLUS SEO Complete

 The Standard Package includes:

  • An audit of your company and industry

  • Full strategy developed for your company

  • Content scheduling for your social media

  • Posting of your written content on your social media

  • PLUS SEO Standard


Social Media Packages