About Dharana Digital

Dharana is a Sanskrit word meaning fixed, concentrated attention on a single point without wavering.


We apply this same concept with each client we work with so they can clearly establish and achieve their specific wellness coaching goals. Dharana Digital was formed out of a desire to help businesses not only enjoy effective digital marketing and training, but thrive because of it.

With co-founders from Australia, Bangladesh, and the US, we offer our clients rich international marketing experience. This allows us to craft the perfect message for our coaching clients' target customers, no matter the country.

Meet Our Team


Social Media Specialist

Dr Karen Sutherland


Dr Karen Sutherland is a social media and public relations educator, researcher, consultant, author and speaker with more than 20 years' industry experience in marketing, public relations and communication roles for organizations such as Monash University, ABCTV, Fremantle Media, and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Recently announced as the Best Social Media Educator of the Year for 2020 by the Social Media Marketing Institute, Dr Karen is the Program Coordinator of the Bachelor of Communication (Social Media), the co-author of Public Relations and Strategic Communication published by Oxford University Press and her latest book, Strategic Social Media Management – Theory and Practice was released internationally in December 2020 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr Karen is passionate about demystifying social media for business owners and nonprofits and empowering them to build positive (and mutually valuable) long-term relationships with their customers and stakeholders.


As a dedicated yogini, Dr Karen practices daily to deliver her clients the steadiness and focus that is Dharana Digital.

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SEO Specialist

Gina Mares


Gina Mares has been working with individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and startups since receiving her BSBA in marketing from the University of Denver, Colorado, USA in 2011. She has extensive experience in business strategy and marketing development, search engine optimization (SEO) for websites and YouTube, and video marketing, helping startups like Oxford Online English grow from the beginning in 2013 into a thriving online English school today.


Upon graduation from DU she moved to Thailand and spent three years living in and traveling around Southeast Asia while teaching English and freelance marketing online. She is passionate about meaningfully connecting with different kinds of people from every corner of the world. She thrives on learning new things and taking on challenges whether in business, Krav Maga Israeli self defense, living in a new country, or learning Spanish, Thai and Mandarin. Ultimately, she aims to connect with and learn about others and share ideas to help make the world a more tolerant, sustainable place.



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Human Resources and Finance Specialist

Akik Chowdhury

The idea of entrepreneurship has always driven Akik Chowdhury. As with many entrepreneurial journeys, he has gone through ups and downs, and has tried his hand at various types of ventures. From working with an engineering consultancy firm which works with the Bangladesh government, to an online cosmetics store, and a small leather factory, Akik has extensive experience working with many different types of people and ideas.


He is a master networker and strategist, with professional connections spanning around the world. He is a people person and loves collaborating with others to reach a common goal. Akik is also a business visionary. In fact, it was his idea to collaborate with Gina and Dr Karen to create the company that is now Dharana Digital.

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Web Development and SEO Lead

Musthasin Alam

Musthasin has a vision of empowering businesses with professional websites and SEO strategies with his working knowledge in this field for over five years. He has worked on 100+ projects in his 2 years of experience working with SS Tech Co.

Super fast high-performing and secured eCommerce websites, landing pages, blog websites, listing sites, you name it, he can deliver.

Musthasin enjoys creating and managing SEO strategies that will rank and increase traffic to your website. A highly motivated, ambitious, and creative person with an "I Can" attitude. Musthasin is fully dedicated to his profession and reputation. Hard work and honesty is his policy.


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Content Creative and Strategy Lead

Rifah Nawar

Rifah is currently a business school sophomore, dangling between the madness of academics and side-hustles. She’s a Facebook Blueprint Certified Creative Strategy Professional, which consequently makes her constantly dabble into the creative aspect of everything she handles.


Rifah possesses the vast experience of handling her own startup, writing for some of the best news portals of her country, working in social organizations, analyzing data for small consultancy firms and strategizing content for small-medium online enterprises. Her startup, Nutshell Today, is known to be one of the fastest-growing media companies in her country.


Although Rifah specializes in creative strategies, her data-driven mindset makes her rely little on intuition, which is why her analytical decisions can be accurate and reliable. Evolving from an impulsive ambivert to a hardworking, mindful and balanced young woman, Rifah is passionate about constant growth and evolution and building and leading high performing teams. As a digital marketing enthusiast with financial knacks, she aims on maximizing profits for the clients by making the right applications of her creative and analytical skills.


Facebook Blueprint Certified Creative St


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