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Dharana Digital Work, PR Appearances, Training and More...

View some past work done by Dharana Digital. Over the last 20 years, Dr Karen Sutherland has headlined countless training sessions ranging from conducting social media audits, Facebook advertising, creating video content and everything in between. She has also put these techniques into effect, producing hundreds of successful social media campaigns for small businesses and nonprofits worldwide.

Gina has worked closely with her clients over the last 10 years to craft unique, eye-catching websites and get them seen by search engines with up-to-date SEO practices. She has developed numerous effective website content campaigns along with creative graphic designs and YouTube video creation and optimization.

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Get the results your company deserves

Over 3.5 months, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, the following results were achieved for the Water F'All social media campaign:

Content reached approx 80k newsfeeds.

Content was viewed approx 180k times.

16.5k minutes of video viewed and 2.41k one-minute video views.

For the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram:

Helped to generate 150 leads within two days with a Facebook downloadable campaign.

For the Oxford Online English website:

In the span of 1 year, generated 11x organic website visits, increasing from 18,557 to 197,857 first-time visitors to the site.

Helped the website rank #1 in Google search for its top 10 keywords.


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