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Wellness Digital Marketing With Dharana Digital: How to Get Started

Wellness Digital Marketing With Dharana Digital: How to Get Started

The global wellness industry, including spiritual self-care, has grown to $4 trillion.

Since 2017, the wellness market has expanded by 6.4%. Moreover, 5.3% of global economic output is generated by the health and wellness industry.

These statistical figures are enough to implicate how profitable investing in this industry can be.

When we mention investing, we are not only talking about monetary contribution, but also we are indicating the efforts made by every wellness coach and professionals around the world towards making people’s lives better.

Thus, this is the best time to start digital marketing your wellness coaching program.

Why Your Wellness Business Needs Digital Marketing

As a wellness coach or business owner, this might be the first question that strikes your mind.

Given how much the world has changed during the pandemic and how every industry around the world has become digitized, it is of no wonder that the wellness industry would change too.

After running their businesses and programs online for more than one year, the wellness coaches and professionals now know the importance of marketing online.

Not only has the process been helpful for them to conduct professional activities directly from home, but also online marketing has helped to reach more prospects with the least amount of effort.

At the end of the day, the vision of a wellness coach is to help millions of people.

Digital marketing of one’s coaching program or business can easily help in manifesting this dream of every wellness professional. No matter if you have just started your business or you are well established, digital marketing is the best way to build your brand both offline and online and the only way to make it sustainable.

7 Benefits That Digital Marketing Can Bring to Your Wellness Program

1. Establish Authority and Trust:

Your customers put their health and wellbeing in your hands every day – they need to feel confident that you know what you are doing. Digital marketing helps you demonstrate your expertise through channels that potential clients can access anytime, anywhere.

2. Reach more potential customers:

The other name of digital marketing is global marketing. Talking about your business or coaching program online can not only help in establishing a global presence but also will help you attract more customers.

Reach more potential customers

3. Lower cost and effort:

If done properly, online marketing about your wellness program can help you reach your target audience at a much lower cost in the minimum time and effort. Now you can invest all your hard-earned money to enhance your wellness program.

Lower cost and effort

4. Claim Your Niche online:

Does your business offer something that your competitors do not? For instance, you might run a yoga retreat for trauma healing or you are a Pilates instructor focusing on the elderly. Whatever it is that sets your business apart, your potential clients need to know about it. Digital marketing can highlight these crucial distinctions and demonstrate what your business does best.

5. ROI-oriented online presence:

Digital marketing strategies have always been easier to track than traditional marketing methods.

Here we have got metrics to count on and determine what to avoid and what to adopt when designing your next marketing campaigns.

This will help you as a wellness coach to figure out what your clients are liking or disliking about your work, thus paving better ways to more returns on investment.

ROI-oriented online presence

6. Gain an Edge Over Your Competition:

Over Your Competition. Digital marketing gets your business more attention online, helping you overcome your competitors and claim a greater share of the local market.

7. Humanized approach:

As a wellness professional, your plate must always be full of client work and paperwork. As a result, if you adopt traditional marketing methods, it won’t be easier for you to directly communicate with your audience and leads. However, following the digital marketing approach, it will be more convenient for you to humanize your brand through content and personalized activities.

Humanized approach

Why Dharana Digital for Your Wellness Digital Marketing?

Dharana Digital has been known for serving coaches in the wellness industry who want to expand their client base.

When asked about their objective behind choosing to work with Dharana, all of them had the same reply that it was because of our focused approach in streamlining digital operations for wellness professionals through crafting great content, generating leads, and developing impactful courses.

Sharon K Chapman - Relationship Coach

Dr. Joanna Kujawa - Author, Seeker, Scholar, Owner of Goddess News Blog

Dharana Digital was formed out of a desire to not only enjoy effective wellness digital marketing and training but also thrive because of it.

Hence, our services have been kept open to not only wellness coaches or professionals but also to individuals working in areas like mindfulness, nutrition, physical fitness, relationships, corporate wellness, and more for wellness digital marketing and course development.

Choosing Dharana Digital as your digital marketing assistant will aid you in building an effective LinkedIn presence, which eventually will enable you to attract better-targeted leads and prospects.

LinkedIn Growth

Besides building LinkedIn brand authority, the team will help in developing and optimizing your website if you don't have any, so that your business gets more reach month over month directly from search engine result pages for the right keywords.

You don’t want to delay your upcoming success as a wellness professional any longer after reading all the perks of doing digital marketing. And if you still think you need a little guidance until you’re on your own, hop on a call with Dharana Digital.


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Dharana is a Sanskrit word meaning fixed, concentrated attention on a single point without wavering.


We apply this same concept with each client we work with so they can clearly establish and achieve their specific wellness coaching goals. Dharana Digital was formed out of a desire to help businesses not only enjoy effective digital marketing and training, but thrive because of it.

With co-founders from Australia, Bangladesh, and the US, we offer our clients rich international marketing experience. This allows us to craft the perfect message for our coaching clients' target customers, no matter the country.

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Free Live Health Check of Your Social Media Pages & Website


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