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Easy Lead Generation Tips to Attract High Quality Leads Today

How often does your phone ring each week only to discuss your insurance options or mobile phone preferences?

Most importantly, how many times did you just cut off the phone call, and how many times did you continue the conversation for the sake of empathy towards the relentless salesperson on the other end?

These random calls are simply a lead generation technique. Now, we might never know whether you belong to the team “Cut the BS” or team “Captain Empathy”, but we surely understand how annoying these calls can be.

Then again, we also realize that lead generation is an important part of any business to survive in their respective competitive industry, be it telco service providers or wellness service providers.

That’s why, in this article, we will not only discuss some less-annoying, more-effective ways of lead generation but also delve into the basics of lead generation, so that your client list can grow longer and longer.

Firstly, let’s learn about Lead Funnel.

What is a lead funnel?

A lead funnel is basically a funnel for your prospects to go through to learn about your product or service, to become interested in them, and finally, at the end, to get converted into being your customer. The processes that are involved in a lead funnel, including the various stages of it, vary from company to company. A few factors of variation can be the type of product or service that the company offers, company size, budget and sales styles, etc.

Why you may need a lead funnel?

Why you may need a lead funnel

Alert people about your brand

People are not going to know about your brand by themselves. You need to make an effort to enlighten them. Lead generation is the process through which your potential customers will come to learn about your products and services.

When you use lead generation as an ad objective, people from social media and search engines are directed toward your website. Eventually, it will help you increase your website traffic and raise your link clicks.

Sell your products or services

Once you can build a good lead generation strategy, your sales will keep increasing. Because through the leads you generate, other people are going to come to know about your product or service. As a result, your customer base will keep on expanding and in turn, your revenue generation will go up.

Create a bridge between your sales and marketing department

While the sales department of a business actively works on converting, the marketing department helps in creating a supporting environment for sales conversion. That happens through a constant supply of marketing information to internal staff, while also alerting external audiences (potential customers) about the product. No matter how big or small a company is, it is important that these two departments are aligned with each other’s objectives. Lead generation strategy helps in ensuring that.

Where can you find quality leads?

A lead is a person who shows interest in your business. But how do you know that one is interested enough to convert into your customer and stay with your business? The process of figuring that out is called lead qualification.

There are several ways to analyze a lead’s level of interest depending on circumstances. Generally speaking, a sales lead is generated when someone asks for information. This can be done through someone

  • Googling your product or service and clicking on your website,

  • Liking and following your social media page,

  • Clicking on your advertisement,

  • Filling out some forms online,

  • Contacting you over email or phone,

  • Applying for a job position with a resume, and so on.

Through each of these events, bits of information about the lead reaches you. The amount of information varies with circumstances. For example, you will know much less about your lead who visited your website than the one who decided to fill out the form. The amount of information that the lead provides you adds up to create a lead score. The method or platform that helps in bringing more lead scores is supposed to be the place to find quality leads.

How can you build a lead funnel?

Before building a lead funnel, it is important to learn about the various stages of a lead funnel.

various stages of a lead funnel

Stage 1: Top of the funnel - TOFU

The first stage of a lead funnel deals with awareness. This stage is constructed with processes that will help with informing people about your brand, product and services.

The steps that are included in this stage are:

  • Content marketing through social media and websites in the form of videos, images, and blogs.

  • Online advertisement on social media platforms and Google.

  • Physical advertising on billboards, magazines, flyers, and other media.

Stage 2: Middle of the funnel - MOFU

People arrive at this stage by going through the first stage.

At MOFU, they can be called prospects and require nurturing from your end.

A good customer service strategy is very important at this stage. You will have to keep them hooked to your brand by constantly catering and adapting to their needs so that they stay with you, remain curious about your product and start considering purchasing them.

The steps that are included in this stage are:

  • Email marketing with exclusive offers such as discounts and coupons.

  • Case study, and e-book creation for hands-on experience.

Stage 3: Bottom of the funnel - BOFU

This is the last stage of a lead funnel. If you can deliver people to this stage, congrats, you are about to make a sale!

At BOFU, people usually make their purchase decision and start their relationship with your brand as a customer.

The only thing that is required to convert them is a final nudge.

The steps that are included in this stage are:

  • Free trial offers in a personalized email or letter.

  • Direct sales call.

How can you make a lead funnel sustainable?

Abiding by these rules will not only make your lead funnel everlasting but will also make your lead generation process an effective one:

  1. Analyze your target audience.

  2. Use the right lead generation tools.

  3. Design lucrative offers for leads that they won’t be able to avoid.

  4. Recruit and form a team of dedicated customer relations executives and sales executives who will keep the leads nurtured.

  5. Invest in software that automates the lead generation process.

  6. Focus on quality content marketing. Create a hybrid strategy that contains both organic and paid content.

  7. Explore options like influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and PR strategy.

How can you convert your leads into clients/customers?

Here are some tips on converting your leads into your customers and then retaining them:

  1. Try to identify your leads' problems and decide whether your product or service will offer any solution.

  2. Communicate the value of your product. This comes as the next step after problem identification. Unless the leads recognise that your product or service has the potential to solve the problem they are facing, they won’t be interested to learn more about it, let alone purchasing it.

  3. Make your offer sound lucrative. Depending on the customer persona type, offer them discounts, coupons and free trials so that they can experience first hand.

  4. Focus on building lifelong relationships. For that, it is important that you take your leads cordially and treat them so that they feel important and comfortable in the relationship.

  5. Last of all, take lead insights into consideration and improvise your product or service accordingly. Unless your product offers quality value, no matter how well-developed your lead funnel is, you won’t be able to retain any customers in the long run.

Customers are known to be the biggest asset of any business. Leads are no less. As a business owner or a wellness professional, it is important that you prioritize developing a good lead generation strategy, so that your business keeps growing.

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