8 Actionable Steps to Get Wellness Coaching Clients Using Instagram

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms.

Trust us when we say this - Instagram is not only confined to scrolling relatable memes and entertaining reels. It acts as an incredible marketing tool for companies and coaches. Hence, a compelling and consistent presence over Instagram can change the dynamics of every business.

It is becoming a pressing priority for people to hire wellness coaches during the pandemic to practice self-directed wellness techniques. However, to become recognizable and attract clients is still a matter of concern for many wellness coaches. This is where this article can help you.

By the end of this article, you will understand -

  • How to attract premium clients from Instagram

  • How to make the Instagram algorithm work for you

  • What steps do you need to take to get a consistent flow of leads

So grab a mug of coffee and dive right into the article with team Dharana Digital.

Get Wellness Coaching Clients Using Instagram:

We have listed 8 simple and actionable ideas that you can incorporate into your Instagram game today and start seeing better results right away...

1. Switch to a business profile

Switch your profile to a business account to make your profile more searchable and accessible. Having a business account offers you numerous benefits to diversify your content and reach.

If you don't know how to switch your profile to a business account here is a great tutorial for you to get started setting up your business account on Instagram. Your Instagram profile is going to act as your virtual portfolio and resume for your audience. Therefore, start with building a compelling and professional profile.

  • Choose a relevant username for your Instagram handle. Make sure it is easy to search and comprises keywords related to your business.

  • Mention your profession beside your name, for example, Mary Johnson - Wellness Coach to rank higher in the search results.

  • A decent profile picture might up your game.

  • Optimise your bio. Be descriptive yet precise. Ensure to add a link to your website/landing page so that your audience can know more about you.

  • Add your professional email information for credibility.

  • Choose a compelling Instagram grid layout for your feed.

2. Hashtags can always enliven your game

Hashtags help make your posts and reels more discoverable and contribute remarkably to increasing the count of your account reach. Using high-performing hashtags enables a post display in the hashtag feed where people who search for that hashtag can see your post. Therefore, use relevant hashtags that describe your post to a great degree.

3. Follow people that add value

To stand out on social media platforms, you need to build your network carefully. Your network is going to decide your net worth. Follow people who add value to your profile and help you reach a better audience. Help each other and grow together. Find accounts similar to your niche and talk with them over live sessions and DMs (direct messages).

4. Create well-optimised content

Identify your target audience and create content accordingly. Ensure to curate and publish your content related to your niche. Also, diversify and broaden your horizons when using Instagram to publish content. Get creative, hop on trends, use carousels, portraits, GIFs, IGTVs and much more to ensure coherent delivery of your message.

Helpful article to help you generate Instagram content that will shine in 2022.

5. The engagement factor

Instagram is mostly about discovering ways to increase your engagement rate. These are some tried and tested ways to attract maximum engagement:

Instagram stories:

These 24-hour snippets can be the most engaging tool on Instagram. You can engage your audience with a variety of content like videos, GIFs, behind the scenes of your sessions, something new in your day and daily wellness tips. You can also take direct feedback from your audience with the help of polls, ask me a question and quizzes. Add music, use aesthetics and interact with your audience.

You can also add some of your notable stories to the highlight sections so that your followers can revisit that content.

Live feature:

Instagram allows you to go live and have a chance to interact with your audience. It’s like a one-way video chat, where the audience can ask you questions and chat about things they find relatable or interesting.

Respond to the users:

After referring to your posts and stories, people will slide into your DMs asking for more details about your services/content. Make sure you are replying to them within a specified time limit.

6. Promote your testimonials and results

Showcase your best works, achievements, testimonials and results on your feed through story highlights and posts. It will authenticate your profile and make it more reliable.

7. Promote freebies

Being a coach, it is imperative for you to get your Instagram followers off the followers’ list and transfer the names to your email list. Ensure that you promote your freebies and ask your audience to subscribe to your newsletters and download your freebies so that you don’t reply on a platform completely. You can also offer a free one-on-one consulting session or a seasonal 3-day virtual camp to your potential clients. This technique will help you fetch more leads and convert them into clients.

8. Insights and professional dashboard

Keep track of your high-performing posts and stories using Instagram insights and professional dashboard and publish more of what your audience enjoys.

Get More Wellness Coaching Tips

To grow your wellness business on Instagram, you need to devise a well-planned marketing strategy and stay consistent. Hope this article has added fuel to your marketing game.

If you need help creating a marketing strategy for your wellness coaching business and learning more about how to get wellness coaching clients, we have created just an article for you on how to create a digital marketing strategy for your wellness business. Make sure to check it out, we have included some of the basic marketing principles you need to be aware of before creating an effective marketing strategy for your wellness coaching business.

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