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The Power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Why did I build my career in SEO?

When we think about SEO, or search engine optimization, we can think about a structured plan using all of the content that is created and shared online. This content has one goal: To get your business's message across clearly to potential customers online, whether using Google or another popular search engine. Sounds easy enough, but there are many details we have to pay attention to in order to create the best possible experience for the customer's journey and clearly convey your message. That is where SEO comes in, and helping clients clearly understand how to craft that journey and use each detail to their advantage is something I've grown to truly enjoy.

How many of you have had a goal in your life before? A few of you?

How many of you have thought that you developed a pretty good path towards that goal, started out and you were doing pretty well?

And then you found a shiny object that you thought maybe could help you get to that goal but then you found another shiny object and then another one, and pretty soon the path to get to your goal looked very confusing. Right?

When I first started out my career in marketing, specifically SEO, I realized that a lot of the small businesses, serial entrepreneurs, non-profits and startups that I was working with had this same issue.

They knew where they wanted to be, and the kind of success they wanted to enjoy, but their roadmaps were a little confusing (if they even had one). They had so much to offer their customers, and wanted to explain it all at once and use this tool, and then that tool, and many of them had overlooked the power of SEO and optimizing everything on their website and social media.

Business making a map of search engine optimization

SEO in its most basic sense is aligning everything on a specific web page to generate a clear user experience according to your key message. Say you sell pens and you want to design a webpage featuring your newest model: Pen 2.0.

First, everything on your whole website should align with pens and the problems they solve for the customers you're targeting. The website should also provide an enjoyable experience for your visitors (think page speed, pictures, organized text, and a clear message of what you sell and how to get it). With these in mind, each of the specific pages should directly align with the purpose of that page.

For the Pen 2.0 page within the site, you'll optimize the page for the problems that Pen 2.0 solves directly. That will be expressed through key phrases used throughout the tex