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Is a Social Media Strategy Important for My Business?

It’s no surprise by now that the users of social media are increasing day by day. Although social media sites exist mainly for social networking, it is now a crucial aspect of almost every business marketing strategy. It is the easiest way to advertise and promote your business, reach your potential customers, and help brand your business- all within the reach of your fingertips, saving you from wasting time and money in the wrong places.

Your customers habitually browse through their social media accounts throughout the day. With this being said, it can be easily noted that they are exposed to all businesses- you as well as your competitors. So how exactly do you rise through all that noise and create relevant content that will lead you to your potential customers? How do you create the branding for your business in the most effective way? Where do you start?

This is where having a social media strategy answers all those questions and guides you step by step up the ladder, exploring all areas of your business potential to reach its maximum. A social media strategy allows you to monitor whether your business is on track and whether you are fulfilling the goals you wished to achieve for your business. In short, if it is done correctly, a social media strategy will help you to catch the attention of your potential customers and increase sales thereby increasing the brand awareness of your business.

Know your customers, and they will know you

With so many social media platforms, it can sometimes get confusing to determine which social media tools would be the most appropriate for their business. It also gets overwhelming for customers to see so many businesses promoting the same products. Hence, it is important to know what your customers really look for when browsing and figure out what they are drawn to. The content of your social media can be displayed through videos, articles, images, webinars etc. It can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. It is necessary to know which platform and what content will best catch the attention of your customer. First knowing your customers and then moving on to create content is a good way to start branding your products and circulating content where it’s needed.

Businesses finding out which social media platform will best connect to customers

It does not matter if you own a small paint shop or if you are the owner of a national company. It’s so important for all businesses to have a really clear social media strategy that directly supports their overall business goals and works well with their other marketing and communication activities.

Planning your strategy

When you are aware of the ever-changing progress of social media, and you alter your contents in the direction your customer wants, you are more prone to gaining loyalty along with attracting more customers. Hence, being actively present on social media is a crucial aspect. Just opening a social media page and only sticking to the old corporate style of promoting businesses, resisting to adapt or follow trends or changes is the same as not having a social media account at all. Hence, you need to incorporate the current trends, input the correct keywords and phrases and update your contents so that everything eventually leads your customers back to you.

And so with a social media strategy, it helps to clearly define the goals and it provides many targets so that you’re always on track and aiming to meet those goals and targets. It clearly defines the key messaging and audience etc. and most importantly, it clearly articulates the tasks that will be implemented in terms of social media posts and advertising, and some other tactics of that nature. It makes sure that everything you’re doing on social media is not just supporting your overall goal of the strategy, but also your overall business goals so you’re not wasting your time or money.

Results of a strategic plan

An effective social media strategy will boost your business in numerous ways. Every piece of content you share or post you make on social media plays a part in the growth of your business. For example:

  • Attracting new customers increasing conversion rate

  • Strengthening customer loyalty

  • Opening communication with customers

When you follow a strict strategy and plan out your contents accordingly, you are not only gaining new customers but also influencing them to switch to your products which gives you that edge over your competitors. In addition to this, it also strengthens your bond with your existing customers. A correctly implemented social media strategy definitely includes a smooth medium to communicate with your customers. This is important as feedback, reviews and complaints from customers can be analysed and looked into thoroughly, allowing you to make your business better than ever. And all this can be done at little or no expense, not to mention the amount of time it saves you otherwise. To sum it up, having a social media strategy increases the ROI of your business, when carried out correctly.

The aforementioned points should be enough to convince you why you should follow a social media plan when running a business. Making a strategic plan requires research and effort, information about the changing marketing environment along with creative and innovative ideas to keep customers coming back.

However, you must be prepared to face that it might not always be possible for one to start with the perfect social media strategy right at the beginning. It takes a lot of hands-on experience to truly know the nature of your customers and also your business environment. This is when you might consider getting support from professionals like those here at Dharana Digital. Having a professional plan out your social media strategy at your convenient prices can be a great start to boost your business from the start. If you are unsure about how this works, there are many works done in these arenas that would surely clear your confusions and give you a proper picture of the results of implementing a strategic social media plan for your business.

So why wait? Get working on that strategic social media plan for your business and wait to see some serious changes coming your way!


Free Live Health Check of Your Social Media Pages and Website



Dharana is a Sanskrit word meaning fixed, concentrated attention on a single point without wavering.


We apply this same concept with each client we work with so they can clearly establish and achieve their specific wellness coaching goals. Dharana Digital was formed out of a desire to help businesses not only enjoy effective digital marketing and training, but thrive because of it.

With co-founders from Australia, Bangladesh, and the US, we offer our clients rich international marketing experience. This allows us to craft the perfect message for our coaching clients' target customers, no matter the country.

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Free Live Health Check of Your Social Media Pages & Website


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