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The GROW Model: The Ultimate Framework for Building a Successful Wellness Coaching Program

What is inhibiting my coaching from becoming successful coaching?

Well, there can be multiple factors playing a role in this regard. But there's one thing that can ensure the ultimate success of your coaching and make it an effective one for your clients. We call this the GROW model for coaching.

What is the GROW model?

The GROW coaching model comprises four elements.

  1. Goal: goals and aspirations

  2. Reality: current situation, internal and external obstacles

  3. Options: possibilities, strengths, and resources

  4. Will: actions and accountability

These four elements are used to form a coaching framework that has the power of unleashing the full potential of aspiring coaches, managers, business leaders, and even an organization. It is considered the world's most famous coaching model for

  • Problem-solving

  • Goal setting and

  • Performance improvement.

What is GROW coaching model?
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The four elements work like four simple steps.

Goal: What do you want?

Reality: Where are you?

Options: What could you do?

Will: What will you do?

By answering these questions, a mentee's current position and future expectations are determined, and a strategic plan towards materializing the vision is sketched.

Why is the GROW model important for your coaching?

Applying a GROW framework to your coaching can bring myriad benefits. Each element of GROW has been selected after considering its massive significance in elevating a coaching's position.


Let's start with the goal. Starting with a goal in mind is always essential for an idea to be successful. And for coaching, it is goals that help ensure that your client gets what s/he wants from your coaching sessions.

Two things separate coaching from other consultation and therapies: actions and flexibility.

Adopting a goal-oriented coaching model helps you deliver your clients the value you intend to provide while ensuring that they remain to benefit from your coaching.

Set your goals


Next comes reality. If you want to design a successful coaching structure, you must remain aware of your constraints. At the same time, it becomes your responsibility to be conscious of your clients and not give them any false promises.

Adopting the GROW framework will ensure that your planning and enactment remain as aligned with reality as possible.

Be aware of the reality for your GROW coaching model


Options are the element that the GROW model encompasses, primarily to offer you more than one way to help our clients and, secondarily, provide you with a better ROI.

Evaluate your options

Every client is different. They have different needs and have different personalities. Through the GROW model, you will be able to offer them the service they need and have a satisfied client portfolio.


Last comes will—the quintessential element of the coaching change.

A client will always choose whether s/he should abide by your suggestions or not. You can't impose your inferences on your clients. But often, this can be hard as a coach, especially when you are a novice.

"W" in GROW coaching model stands for "Will"

The GROW framework makes it easier for you to accept this alongside facilitating the decision taken by the client. It also allows you to improvise your actions per the concurrent demand.

For all these reasons, adopting the GROW model can be the right decision for your wellness coaching.

How to incorporate the GROW coaching model in your wellness coaching?

1. Develop a SMART Goal

The first step is to develop a SMART goal behind your initiative for taking up the whole coaching session.

Develop a SMART Goal

What are you looking to achieve through this wellness program? Ask yourself questions like this and jot down your vague apprehensions in the most definite way.

If you are looking forward to creating SMART goals for your social media, we have an article just for you to develop a social media marketing strategy in 2022.

2. Be Aware of the Reality Make sure that the goal remains realistic by carefully considering the current constraints you or your business might face. That is when you get a grasp of reality.

Make sure that the goal remains realistic

As a wellness coach

  • Time

  • Money &

  • Human labour

can be a few of the essential resources for your business. Be aware of their status.

3. Evaluate Your Options

Once you have done that, list a few options that you might have to choose from while moving forward with your goal.

All this time, keep on asking yourself questions that directly pertain to whys and hows.

  • What do I want out of this coaching?

  • What is my ultimate vision?

  • What problems am I facing at the moment?

  • What other adversities may appear in the long run?

  • Which options seem the most appealing at the moment?

  • What will be my option if I fall short of resources?

- the more imaginative your questions get, the more your chance of getting some breakthrough insights increases.

4. Take a step back and analyze everything The final element, "Will", is considered the barometer of a successful framework implementation by many. This is where you finally decide to choose one alternative, take actions accordingly, report, and build accountability.

Take a step back and analyze everything

During this last phase of adopting the GROW framework, you are also supposed to reflect upon your commitment level and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.

The model requires you to improvise your actions per your rating. By completing this, your initial goal is successfully turned into live actions that can finally bring you your desired results.

Now, if you are hearing about the GROW coaching model for the first time or want to explore if there are other coaching models out there, the answer is "Yes, there are". We have listed some of the successful coaching models out there and used by many coaches.

Other coaching models

There are a few other coaching models that successful coaches from different fields follow. A few of their names are mentioned below.

  1. T-GROW coaching model: The T-GROW framework is an extended version of the GROW framework with an added element, topic. Here, before choosing a goal or objective of the coaching, the coach must choose a topic.

  2. OSKAR coaching model: The OSKAR model comprises five aspects: outcome, scaling, know-how, affirmation and action, and review. While the GROW model is a goal and action-oriented framework, this model is more result-oriented. That's why many coaches prefer this model to structure their coaching.

  3. CLEAR coaching model: The CLEAR model comprises elements like contracting, listening, exploring, action and review. The perks of using this coaching model are that, although it exhibits all the characteristics of a GROW model, it has more room for contemplation and reflection.

Bonus: If you are looking for Corporate Wellness Program Ideas to include in your wellness program here are 7 highly effective ideas we gathered for you.

All of these coaching models have their pros and cons. However, given the limited requirements of wellness coaching, adopting the GROW model will be a time and cost-effective decision for the majority of the coaches.

As a wellness coach, you might not be able to decide what exact steps your clients should take. But you can certainly impact their mindset so that your influence works as an impetus in their actions and help in their growth.

Adopting a coaching model, be it GROW or anything else, can amplify this impact and make your wellness program an effective one.

If you are looking forward to implementing the GROW model for your wellness coaching business, you should know where you are actually starting from.

Dharana Digital is offering a free audit for your wellness coaching business to help you precisely with that. Sign-up today!

Do you think that GROW coaching model is something that will help your wellness coaching business in the long run? Let us know by commenting down below.

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Thank you, and have a good rest of the day! ❤️


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