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7 Highly Effective Corporate Wellness Program Ideas to Enhance the Performance of Employees

Highly Effective Corporate Wellness Program Ideas

In 2017, 63% of the global employers reported a stark improvement in their organizational work performance after introducing a mandatory wellness program for their employees.

The rate is increasing every day. The more the corporate organizations have embraced wellness programs, the more they have acknowledged these programs' importance in soaring overall organizational performance.

But unless the wellness programs offer some real value, no matter how much one involves oneself in it, neither the organization nor the employees will achieve no substantial result. And that brings us to corporate wellness program ideas. From our previous work experience with wellness coaches, we have listed some of the most popular and beneficial corporate wellness program ideas for your company.

But before that, let’s talk about what a standard corporate wellness program should include. Or maybe, let’s begin from the very basic: what is a corporate wellness program.

What Is a Corporate Wellness Program?

What is a corporate wellness program

A corporate wellness program is an initiative or project launched by the organization to ensure the employees' holistic physical and mental well-being, which will be beneficial for the all-inclusive organization and team.

What Should a Corporate Wellness Program Include?

The goal of corporate wellness programs is to facilitate the employees to stay healthy so that it helps in enhancing performance. Hence a corporate wellness program should be designed to meet the goal.

What Should a Corporate Wellness Program Include

Nowadays, it has become quite popular for organizations to offer their employees gym memberships or recreation lobbies as a part of their corporate wellness scheme. But a comprehensive program should include much more than that. As a wellness coach, it might be your responsibility to ensure that in the organization you’re working for.

No matter your program idea, here are a few essentials that the corporate wellness program must cover.

  • Biometric screenings

  • Workplace flu clinics

  • Group workshop seminars

  • Fitness activities

  • Flexible health spending accounts

  • Mental health & stress management

  • Social and team-building activities

  • Rooms to nap or rest

  • Wellness challenges

  • Wellness outings

  • Ergonomically designed workspaces

Besides these facilities mentioned above, whatever amenities you think will remain relevant to your program should be available by the company for each employee.

Corporate Wellness Program Ideas to Include in 2022

We have put together 7 highly effective corporate wellness program ideas that you can include in your wellness program to keep employees healthy and enhance their performance. Let's see what those 7 corporate wellness program ideas are -

7 Corporate Wellness Program Ideas To Include In 2022

  1. Routine Preventative Care Preventative care refers to healthcare packages that include vaccination and routine checkups. Routine preventive maintenance can be incredibly beneficial for the employees. Because often, people forget about these essential health rituals out of work pressure. That’s why, if the workplace itself enforces such kind of practice in the form of a wellness program, the employees will benefit from it. This, in turn, will increase loyalty and enhance performance quality.

  2. Smoking Cessation Program In today’s world, everyone is more or less aware of the harmful impact of active and passive smoking. As an active smoker, not only is an employee harming oneself but also s/he is negatively impacting the health of non-smoker co-workers. Again, many people can’t quit smoking even after wanting due to commitment issues. When such cases become more prevalent in the workplace, a smoking cessation program can be a good wellness program idea for the employees. This can be designed as a support program to provide employees with the resources and encouragement required to quit smoking effectively.

  3. Yoga Days In the previous days, many companies tried to launch group physical activity programs for their employees as a part of the company wellness and employee benefit protocol. But it becomes challenging for both the instructor and the participants to navigate these programs. Because not all body types suit the same kind of exercise, however, because of the gentle nature of yoga, group yoga sessions can be an effective wellness program for the employees because of the peaceful nature of yoga. You can talk the company into hiring a part-time yoga instructor and make this work.

  4. Volunteer Days Taking out a day from the weekday to engage the employees in some volunteering activity can be a great way to benefit the community and individuals. Although you cannot press this on someone who’d be unwilling to do it, phrasing the benefit that it will bring to a person can come in handy in changing their minds!

  5. Gratitude Journal As a corporate wellness coach, you can encourage the employees to practise gratitude in their daily life. Your company can do so by simply distributing journals among the employees with some inspirational quotes printed on the cover. Prevent from spreading company marches though!

  6. Employee Recreation Lobby Set up a room of the office with some bean bags and sofas and layout some games that most of the employees will like. You can also keep some books in a corner for the bookworms of your organization. Setting up a small tea and coffee station at one corner won’t look bad at all. All in all, create a small relaxing nook in the office where the employees can come in between their work to wear out their weariness.

  7. Team Outing Arrange group outings for various departments of the company where they can spend tie with their co-workers not by discussing work affairs but by focusing simply on themselves.

Things to Keep In Mind About Designing a Corporate Wellness Program

  • Always consider your employee’s preference. The best technique of figuring out a program that suits everyone is to run a survey designed by your company’s wellness expert before creating the program.

  • Keep the size of your business or organization into consideration.

  • Make the whole program simple to navigate.

  • Mention it in the employee handbook.

  • Don’t pressure an employee to be a part of a wellness program that they don’t want to be a part of.

  • Make sure that the program doesn’t become a distraction.

  • Give the employee privacy.

We recommend you use GROW coaching model to include all the ideas you have for your corporate wellness coaching program effectively and measurably. And to help you doing so we have created a follow-along article about GROW coaching model for you, so you can get started creating your wellness program more effectively and efficiently for your clients.

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Corporate wellness programs can have multiple benefits in uplifting the wellness of employees. But the employees and the organization can only reap these benefits if the program ideas are good and designed effectively. Pick a wellness program idea from above that suits the employees of your organization.

Let us know in the comment down below, which was your favourite corporate wellness program idea from our list and if we have missed any idea that worked for your coaching program. We would be delighted to have your feedback! Have a great day! 🙌


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