How wellness coaches can craft effective LinkedIn professional branding & develop a valuable content strategy that actually works

Dr Karen Sutherland introduces the training and gives a little background on the key points to know about LinkedIn.


Step #1

Learn what you should (and shouldn't) be doing with your LinkedIn profile and heading.

Step #2

See how you can use Dennis Yu's Topic Wheel to solidify your branding and get a clear idea of what you should be saying on LinkedIn and how.

Step #3

In the final stage, Dr Karen Sutherland will walk you through the different types of content you can use when you are creating content on LinkedIn.

We help wellness coaches to successfully cultivate a LinkedIn brand to build a high-quality audience and generate leads for their online courses, seminars, books, and more.

We do this by developing a clear strategy, designing posts that get you traction, and ensuring a functioning lead funnel is in place.


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