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Dharana Webinar Series

Developing Authentic Connections on LinkedIn


Sick of the instant sales messages seconds after accepting a LinkedIn request? 

You’re not alone. 


There ARE ways to make authentic connections on LinkedIn and we will show you how in our upcoming webinar. 


Learn how to expand your network in a productive and meaningful way, and to find out the definite Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn etiquette..  

Tune in on Thursday 10th November at 4.30pm AEST and join Dharana Co-Founder and Social Media Specialist, Dr Karen Sutherland as she takes you through the LinkedIn Trifecta (a proven method to make authentic connections on LinkedIn). 


Please register below and you will be sent a link to join our webinar live. 


If the time doesn’t suit, don’t despair, the webinar recording will be emailed to you so you can watch it at your leisure. 

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Registration Form

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Join us on Thursday 10th November at 4.30pm AEST, meet your fellow LinkedIn enthusiasts and build some meaningful connections on the day. You won’t regret it.


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