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“A Must-Do Comprehensive Strategy Course for Wellness Professionals”

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Are you not seeing the results you'd like from your social media efforts?

Is social media too overwhelming or are you unsure where or how to start?

Are you tired of trying to work out the most effective way to use social media on your own?

If so, then our How To Develop a Social Media Strategy Course is the right solution for you. 

Imagine building the perfect social media strategy to accelerate your wellness business from zero to highly profitable in a short amount of time, with the help of our easy-to-use, self-paced, and well-supported course, while still breezing through life and business as usual.

Finally you will be able to: 

  • Take control of your social media channels

  • Know how to align them with your business goals 

  • Know what to post to build an engaged audience

  • Create an environment where you can generate leads and turn them into red hot clients

  • SAVE TIME, so you can focus on what you do best, helping your clients.

By listening to Karen and following her processes, I was able to build a very engaged and thriving online community in a short amount of time.

— Sharon K Chapman

Karen was a great help. I really love that she listened to me and understood my message. Karen really helped me to revamp what I was thinking to create better content that the world wants to see.

— Natalie McIvor

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Dr Karen explains the content the how’s the why’s and the tools to make it work for my wellness business. She has put so much research in her work that following her guidance is easy and it definitely has improved my business just by tweaking little areas. I’m so happy this material is mine forever and knowing I have her support on the Facebook group is so helpful.

— Angela Rojas


It's unbelievable. Dr Karen helped me to build an AI Persona that is a LinkedIn expert to assist me with strategy, content ideas and writing posts. Often, I have ideas for content, but don't know how to start writing. This AI Persona gets me past procrastination, helps me to organise my ideas and actually produces content that I can work with. It's amazing.

— Natasha (Ducarme) Aitken



Get access to the course


Access your complimentary post-course strategy review and 12-month membership of our
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Discover a strategic approach to social media that you can start using right away


Start seeing results and grow your wellness business


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Dr Karen Sutherland

This course has been carefully created by multi-award winning social media educator and author, Dharana Digital Co-Founder & Social Media Specialist, Dr Karen Sutherland, specifically for professionals working in the wellness industry. 

Dr Karen Sutherland really knows her stuff,

as winner of the:

  • 2022 Gold Stevie Award for Woman of the Year - Social Media

  • 2022 Silver Stevie Award for Best Business Book

  • 2022 Silver ROAR Award for Fearless Educator

  • 2022 Book Excellence Award, 

  • 2021 DASSH Award for Education Innovation 

  • 2020 Social Media Marketing Institute’s Social Media Educator of the Year and,

  • 2020 Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in London

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Dr Karen has been designing and delivering social media courses and workshops around the world for more than 10 years for a wide range of sectors including, health and wellness, small business and higher education.

Her book, Strategic Social Media Management - Theory and Practice by Palgrave Macmillan has won critical acclaim and has been downloaded 90k+ times. 

To top it off, Dr Karen is a dedicated yoga teacher with a daily practice for the past 15 years. 

Dr Karen understands social media and lives and breathes the wellness space, her knowledge and experience are why this course can help your wellness business grow.


Do you find social media challenging and time-consuming?

If you’re working in the wellness space and your sole focus is to help others, but you can’t seem to connect with your audience and struggle to build your brand online, there is a reason. Your social media knowledge may be lacking.


With our 'How To Develop a Social Media Strategy' course, you can re-energise the way you connect with your target audience online by learning to develop strategic content that generates interest, engagement, and getting actual bookings and traffic to your website that will elevate your business to the next level.


  1. Boost Your Online Presence:

    Increase your visibility, build your brand, and reach new clients.

  2. Expand Your Reach:

    Leverage your social media marketing to attract new clients who are interested in wellness services.

  3. Save Time and Money:

    Create and curate content efficiently, develop a social media calendar, and simplify certain tasks, freeing up more time to focus on your clients.

  4. Build Trust and Credibility:

    Create compelling content that showcases your expertise, and positions you as a thought-leader in the industry.


    Ultimately, the goal of your wellness business is to increase revenue, and completing our social media strategy course can help you do just that. 

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What’s Included in this Self-paced and Easy-to-follow Course?

  • In-depth modules of:

    • Researching your audience and competitors

    • Understanding strategic components

    • Differentiating between organic and paid tactics

    • Measuring your social media efforts

    • Actionable takeaways

    • Tools to keep improving your online presence

  • Downloadable resources and templates for practical learning

  • Hands-on assessments at the end of each module to apply your knowledge

  • Easy-to-follow and interactive exercises to keep you motivated

  • BONUS Complimentary Coaching session at the completion of the course to provide feedback on your social media strategy and guide you on how to put it into action. (normally priced at $300)

  • BONUS Complimentary 12 month membership into the Digital Marketing Community for Wellness Professionals on Facebook (normally priced $120). 

The 7 Modules Dr Karen Will Guide You Through

  • 1. Course Introduction
    How to approach the course. What we will cover. Actionable takeaways. Tips to gain the greatest benefit from this course.
  • 2. Researching Your Audience and Competitors
    How to conduct a social media audit. Audience personas. Tracking the audience journey. Competitor research.
  • 3. Developing Strategic Components
    Identifying your goal and SMART Objectives. Writing key messages.
  • 4. Helpful Tactics - Organic
    The difference between paid and organic tactics. Social media algorithms. Platform selection. Organic tactics for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.
  • 5. Helpful Tactics - Paid
    Helpful ad strategies that won’t break the bank for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Working with micro-influencers Giveaways and Promotions Events
  • 6. Measuring Your Social Media Success
    The difference between monitoring and measurement. Vanity vs Conversion. The most important metrics to measure for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Conversion metrics: Measuring social media’s impact on your wellness business.
  • 7. Keep Learning and Growing Your Social Media Knowledge
    Staying up-to-date with social media as a wellness professional. Next steps…

What You Don’t Need To Worry About

Without a well thought-out strategy, your social media efforts will most likely land flat and fail to generate any new business.


Almost 70% of consumers turn to social media to get customer service but most businesses in the wellness industry miss the opportunity to maximise their online presence.

The 'How To Develop a Social Media Strategy' course is here to provide you with a competitive edge in your industry.


And here's what you’re not getting when enrolling into the course:

  • No upsells of any kind

  • No hidden modules to unlock for additional cost

  • No added purchases to progress further - this means no add-on charges after your initial one-time payment 


What You Will Get

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  • A comprehensive course including 7 modules that guide you through a holistic journey of social media strategy development from your wellness business: from research to evaluating your social media success and beyond. 

  • An opportunity to learn at your own pace. 

  • A supportive learning environment with award-winning social media educators on hand to answer questions and provide guidance whenever you need it. 

  • An easy-to-follow structure. Each module contains a video lesson, fun quizzes to check your understanding and practical activities, so by the end of the course you will have developed a customised social media strategy to suit the needs of your wellness business. 

  • A 'next-steps' action plan. Our social media experts will provide feedback on your completed social media strategy and provide guidance on how best to put it into action.

It doesn’t matter if you are a social media novice or you have well-established social channels.

You’re going to get a lot of value by learning a strategic approach to social media. If you’re a professional working in the wellness space, this course can help you grow your business.

You’ll kickstart your social media journey by learning how to:

  • Meaningfully engage with your ideal audience

  • Streamline your ideas into clear and cohesive plans

  • Confidently outdo your competitors with targeted content

  • Tackle your fear of social media ads

  • Successfully measure the impact of your online efforts

  • Strongly lead others in your field through your social channels


When you enrol into 'How to Develop a Social Media Strategy' you also unlock bonuses (a $420 value) at no additional cost to you:

  • A complimentary Social Media Coaching Session (normally priced $300 AUD) at the end of the course to provide feedback on your completed strategy and guidance on how to put it into action.

  • Complimentary 12 month membership into the Digital Marketing Community for Wellness Professionals on Facebook (normally priced $120 AUD).

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity. If you’re ready to grow your wellness business through the power of social media…


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