LinkedIn Marketing

  • Get a thorough audit and a focused strategy   

  • Build your audience, brand and authority

  • Turn your profile into a lead-generating machine

  • Track results to continuously test and improve

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LinkedIn Marketing

Why LinkedIn?

Having a presence on social media is important. As a wellness coach, LinkedIn will be your virtual elevator pitch, resume, and list of references for your target market. It's where your business will share its branding, messaging, reputation and engage with customers before, during, and after becoming customers. It is crucial to be strategic with all of these things if your business is going to be successful.

LinkedIn marketing Dharana Digital

If you're selling something that is high-value, high-dollar or high-ticket, LinkedIn is the best place to truly target and qualify leads. If you advertise on Google, you can't qualify who people are. You can only target by keyword, resulting in a lot of unqualified leads. On Facebook, you can't target people based on their professional details. On LinkedIn, you can target all the way down to job title, industry size, by company name, etc. This is extremely useful in attracting high-quality leads. It's good for businesses where customers have a high lifetime value.

How can Dharana Digital help?

At Dharana Digital, we first do the research needed to determine how your target audience spends time on LinkedIn, which kinds of posts and messages they're interacting with, and how you can fit in and truly resonate. 37% of customers report that social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for their purchases, according to PWC. That means with the right strategy backed by research, we can help you with every aspect of how your business does LinkedIn right.

How can dhaaran digital help you doing linkedin marketing

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services Include



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•    In-depth research of your brand and industry
•    Visual and textual representation of your competitors on social media
•    Gaps representing opportunities for your brand
•    Audience research - demographic information, experience with the brand, online behaviour.



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•    Your posts will be finalized, scheduled and posted following our posting best practices.
•    We'll continuously review the data to see what is working and what can be improved.
•    Rapid fire testing will be done to continuously test styles of copy, creatives, and distribution tactics.
•    You'll always know what we're up to with our detailed monthly reports.



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Based on the audit research, we'll develop:
•    Your goals
•    SMART objectives
•    Key messages
•    Target audience profile
•    Content and branding tactics
•    Measurement processes
•    Social listening strategies



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When you get a point where LinkedIn advertising makes sense, we'll help you:
•    Create a PPC (Pay per click) strategy that aligns with your goals and brand.
•    Utilize LinkedIn re-targeting to reengage with your audience and stay top of mind.
•    Know where you're at with in-depth weekly reporting to track your daily spend, ad conversions, and overall performance
•    Run A/B tests to continuously challenge ourselves to improve your results.



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  • From the strategy, we'll create your content pillars and a content calendar strategically getting your message in front of your audience at the optimal time

  • Would you prefer to write the content yourself? No problem. We can give you the framework.

  • Would you prefer us to write the content? Great. We'll craft your message and get approvals.

  • We've also got highly-skilled designers who can develop images, info-graphics, video and more

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•    Some of our clients would rather learn how to create an audit, develop a strategy, craft content, or run ads themselves. We can do that, too.
•    In our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you'll get 1-hour sessions tailored to your specific level of experience and goals, held by Dr Karen Sutherland.
•    Receive checklists and schedule follow-up meetings to make sure you're on track.

How We Work

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Industry and Competitor Research

To create a plan that will help you reach your goals to develop that LinkedIn audience and start generating meaningful leads, we develop a clear picture of the current environment in the industry and see what your competitors are doing.

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Get a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Customer

We dig deep into the problems your target customers are facing. Creating a clear picture of how you fit into their lives is a key component to your success on LinkedIn.

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Work with You to Maintain Authentic Branding

Some of our coaching clients know exactly how they do (and don't) want to be perceived throughout social media. Others have an idea of the types of influential leaders they'd like to emulate. Some may not have an idea of what they'd like their brand to be like yet. We have systems to help you in whichever stage you're at to develop and maintain an effective brand that you will be proud of.

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Strategically Post, Test, and Monitor

Whether we're developing your content for you or you are receiving training to create your own content, you'll have a strategic partner that is consistently looking at the data to see what is working and what can be tested, improved, or amplified.

Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Maintain Cohesive Branding

From the vocabulary you use to the colors and fonts in your graphics, you'll have a design and copy writing team to keep your brand aligned.

Optimize LinkedIn to Work for You

We know how to help you leverage LinkedIn's extensive database on business professionals. With the right profile optimization and nurture sequences, LinkedIn will be bringing business to you.

Attract High-Quality Leads

With expertise in growing LinkedIn pages from 2,000 connections to 20,000+, we can help expand your pool of leads so you can filter for high quality.

Focus on Growing Your Business

With a LinkedIn marketing partner, you'll enjoy the automation of your profile and posting efforts moving along in the background while you focus on your other work. Leverage our expertise so you can put your energy into other tasks.

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