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In a complimentary one-hour meeting, tell us about your company, your struggles, and your goals. We will get an idea of where you're at and where you want to be, which will allow us to craft a customized strategy to get you on track.










A comprehensive picture of where your business is now online. We will do a complete audit of your website and competitors, checking the following:

  • Site Speed

  • User Journey & Experience

  • Domain Ranking

  • Traffic Overview

  • Organic Search

  • Top 5 Competitors

  • Target customer research

  • Content Opportunities

  • Competitor Content

  • Recommendations for Improvement

  • Page Structure

    • Headings

    • Content

    • Images

    • Links

Get a clear idea of your business's social media presence and opportunities. We will do a complete audit of your social media and competitors, checking the following:

  • Visual Social Presence

  • Textual Social Presence

  • Social Performance

  • Social Media Users in Market

  • Demographic Data

  • Competitor Social Media Profiles

  • Competitor Textual & Visual Presence

  • Audience Research

  • Key Recommendations

Get the full SEO and social media audit done at once. Get a complete understanding of your company's current position in the digital marketing realm and what you can do to move forward from here.


Research & Audit






$1500 per month

$2000 per month

From the audit findings, we will put a content marketing strategy together for you. The strategy includes:

  • SEO fixes and updates to major items based on audit findings

  • Full SEO strategy for your website

  • Social media fixes and updates based on audit findings

  • Full content branding and messaging strategy

  • Full content outline based on your goals

  • Full social media advertisement outline based on your goals

  • SMART objectives

  • Key messages

  • Target audience

  • Measurement

  • Social listening

The Complete Package is usually a 6-month minimum and includes:

  • An audit of your company and industry

  • Full strategy developed for your company

  • Everything from the  Starter Package PLUS...

  • Content creation (writing, etc.)

  • Media creation (info-graphics, video, other graphic design)

  • Content publishing on your website

  • Content publishing on social media platform

  • Performance tracking and reporting of posted content

  • Performance tracking and reporting of SEO on the website

The Starter Package is usually a 3-month minimum and includes:

  • An audit of your company and industry

  • Full strategy developed for your company

  • Website design updates

  • Consistent SEO updates and maintenance

  • Content scheduling for your website

  • Content scheduling for your social media

  • Posting of your written content on your website

  • Posting of your written content on your social media


Strategy & Implementation




5 1-hour sessions



10 1-hour sessions



5 1-hour sessions

In these sessions with Dr Karen Sutherland, social media training can be customised to your specific needs. Training can be designed around the following topics or any other social media skills you keen to learn:

  • Social Media: Creating Visual Content (Photos and Graphics)

  • Social Media: Creating Visual Content (Video)

  • Writing for Social Media

  • Facebook: (Separate workshops for Beginners, Intermediate and

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Social Media Analytics for Business

  • Facebook Updates

  • Understanding Instagram

  • Light Up LinkedIn

  • How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

  • How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

In these sessions with Gina you'll learn:

  • What SEO is and how you can use it in your business

  • Effective methods to analyze your company's current state with an audit

  • How to set up Google suite and SEO tools to properly track your performance

  • How to properly structure a webpage to be SEO-friendly

  • Time-saving techniques to create content that will streamline your marketing efforts from social media to your blog posts

Learn about SEO, how to set up the proper tools to track it, and the strategies you can utilize to get ranked higher on Google and provide a high-quality user experience that speaks to your target customers.

Get the full social media training that provides you with the tools you need to achieve your social media marketing goals. Choose from any of the listed training topics and more.




Standard Web Design

Starting at


Social Media Ad Campaigns

Starting at

$500 per campaign

We can work with you to determine the best goals and strategy for your social media ad campaign.

With your goals in mind, we can help you plan and execute effective social media ad campaigns that convert.

From ad strategy to content design to planning and execution, we can help at every stage.

We can design anything from one beautifully developed landing page to a whole website.

If starting from scratch, we will set up your web design platform based on your unique needs and goals.

From there, we will design a clear, customized website with your branding and goals in mind. We recommend doing an audit of your company and industry prior to developing your website so we have a clear picture of the most effective design to utilize.


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