Course Development Solutions

  • 20+ years of academic course development experience

  • Combined with marketing and branding expertise to effectively speak to your audience

  • Full course plan development

  • Professional design of course materials

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Course Development

As a wellness coach, you know that developing impactful courses, seminars and webinars is the key to truly making a difference in your clients’ lives. However, you may be unsure of the best way to move forward and develop the perfect course that really resonates with everyone in the room. You might not have the time, technical skills or course development experience to design the course documents, slides and other materials to be used. That's okay.

With Dharana Digital’s course development solutions, you’ll get the opportunity to partner with marketing and academic professionals who have years of educational course design experience. 

How Can Dharana Digital Help?

With our rich experience in the academic world, we know exactly how to conceptualize your course goal and turn it into a strategically-developed course that will leave your audience empowered, inspired and enlightened.

Dharan digital's course development experts

Would you prefer to have coaching as you develop the course yourself? You can enjoy our one-on-one coaching sessions to guide you throughout the process.

Would you prefer to have us work through the majority of the process while you give feedback? We can take the whole process on so you can focus on your business.

Our Course Development Services Include


Comprehensive Research

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We’ll research your industry, competitors’ courses, and your target market, and develop a detailed foundation of research to craft a successful course.


Media Design

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Would you like to have info-graphics created to go along with a portion of your course content? How about some edited photos or an educational video? We can help you with any of these items and more.


Course Development Strategy

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From the information from the research and sitting down with you to get a full understanding of your business, your course attendees, and your goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan of how you can move forward.


Delivery/Follow-up Guidance

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You’ll receive guidance on the best course delivery platform to use, and we can set everything up for you. From there, we’ll assist you in the finalization of your course, and follow up during and after the course delivery to debrief and help you prepare for the next one.


Content Creation

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We can guide you with 1-on-1 coaching sessions to craft your course content, or we can take part in the creation ourselves. Let us know what works best for you.

How We Work



Full Understanding of You & Your Business

We first get a clear picture of where you’re starting from, what your goals are, and how we can help you best serve your course attendees.



Develop a Solid Plan

We’ll do the legwork to make sure a comprehensive plan is organized and followed, keeping your goals at the forefront.



Design Materials You Can Be Proud Of

We will then help you put everything together and assist in any design items you may need.



Follow Up

One of the most important aspects of developing effective courses is the follow-up to receive attendee feedback and implement it for your future courses.

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